Anthony Weiner does something stupid on Twitter, Part 1,396

You’d really, really think that Anthony Weiner wouldn’t be on social media anymore, considering how much trouble it’s caused him, yet, here we are.  Anthony Weiner is still on Twitter, and recently did something stupid (albiet possibly by accident).

Vox‘s Executive Editor, Matt Yglesias, recently put out this tweet about Tinder, a dating service app that is very picture-heavy.  Tinder just upgraded its app so that pictures could be sent between users that would then disappear after 24 hours.  Accordingly, Yglesias put out this tweet:


Fine, whatever.  But then this happened: Anthony Weiner favorited the tweet.  Just to remind you, the former Congressman saw his career end as a result of multiple scandals involving him using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to sext.  This story reviews how Tinder’s new features will allow sexting to be much easier.

When contacted by Buzzfeed for an explanation, Weiner said:

there were a bunch of favorites there that I didn’t either didn’t recognize or mean to favorite. im not clear on how they got marked in the first place but I assume hit the little star thing accidentally as I scrolled through stuff.

He also then tweeted:

In all fairness, Weiner’s explanation may be an accurate one.  Upgrades to Twitter’s app made it much easier to accidentally favorite a tweet – there is no confirmation button when you do click favorite, and it’s very easy to hit the “star” that allows you to favorite a tweet as you are scrolling through a timeline.  I have a much different question, however: Why the heck is Anthony Weiner on Twitter?  Hasn’t he had enough fun with the app?  Hasn’t it ruined enough of his career?  There are some people who shouldn’t use social media.  Someone who has shown a repeated compulsion at using social media to send graphic pictures of genitalia is a prime example of the type of person who should avoid this medium.  In my mind, Anthony Weiner using social media is like an alcoholic lives at a bar.  It just seems like a terrible idea.

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