Apparently South Carolina is no longer educating children?

Many social media services are fully integrated with each other.  You can update your Twitter status and have that status automatically post to Facebook, upload an Instagram picture and have it update Twitter, etc.  And that can sometimes get you into trouble, as Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) found out this week.

On June 9, Governor Haley uploaded a picture of her K-12 Education Reform Initiative, with this caption:


All well and good.  Governor Haley then tweeted out the photo as well, and that’s where the problems began.  Twitter, of course, has it’s famous 140 character limit. When a photograph from Instagram is automatically tweeted, the first part of the caption is tweeted, along with an ellipse (to indicate when the caption is approaching the 140 limit) and the link to the photo itself.  So, when the tweet went out, this happened:



Of course, that was NOT the message that Governor Haley and her team were going for.  The tweet was deleted and replaced with this:

To the best of my knowledge, Governor Haley’s team never released a statement explaining what happened.  That probably would have been helpful.  I also think this is a great lesson in the dangers of automating too much on social media.  Relying on an automated tweet is lazy and doesn’t make sense.  Even if the tweet hadn’t cut out at an absolutely hysterical point, someone should have taken the time to rewrite the message, as the corrected tweet eventually did.  Relying on a caption means that you are relying on wording that may make sense on Instagram – but not necessarily Twitter.  Take the extra few minutes to customize your content for each platform.

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  1. […] Is there anything that could have been done about this one?  Well, it does show that you always need to check the preview of any tweet before sending it.  This isn’t the first time an error like this has occurred either: Last year, an automatic tweet, sent by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s Instagram account, said, “We will no longer educate children…” […]


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