The Fail that wasn’t: GOP Chair tweets Memorial Day picture of Democratic Governor

This one really bothers me, mainly because it’s a statement about the rapidly degrading state of our two major political parties to get along.

Reince Preibus, the Chair of the Republican National Committee, sent out this tweet on Memorial Day:


Okay, fine.  Why the problem?  The man behind the veteran is Martin O’Malley, the Governor of Maryland and a possible Democratic Presidential candidate.  That was apparently missed in the tweet, which was deleted less than an hour after being posted.  O’Malley’s spokeswoman then issued a snarky response:

On one hand, I can see why the tweet was deleted – the petition that it linked to asked signers to express their concern about the ongoing VA scandal.  Surely, a Democratic Governor is a picture for a tweet like that.

On the other hand: some things should be bipartisan . Personally, I think it would have been a great statement if the RNC and DNC had each retweeted each other’s Memorial Day messages.  Election Day is another great example – both parties should encourage turnout, simply from a perspective of wanting a strong democracy.  In the Pennsylvania primary two weeks ago, I retweeted a get out the vote tweet from Steve Mishkin, the spokesperson for the Pennsylvania House Republican:

If we can’t agree that all elected officials should be supporting our troops, maybe we should just give up.

Do you think this tweet should have been deleted?  Let me know in the comments!

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