In Australia, Senator posts video of daughter driving car/doing burnouts

MuirRicky Muir was just elected to Australia’s Senate as a member of the Australia Motoring Enthusiast Party (AMEP).  Muir, as his party would indicate, is an auto enthusiast who incorporated cars and driving into his overall campaign.  Muir, however, took his love of cars one step too far when he uploaded a video of his eight year old daughter driving.  The video, which was put on YouTube, features Muir’s daughter doing burnouts.  Muir has since taken the video, down, but obviously too late.

Incidentally, this is not Muir’s first run-in with YouTube.  Last year, he uploaded a video of him in a kangaroo-poo fight in his backyard.

When asked for comment, Keith Littler, founder of the AMEP, said, “It was not dangerous. Ricky was in control of the car, he had his hand on the handbrake to ensure full safety.”  


Muir and his party had been looking to “start a conversation about road safety,” so there is added irony to this entire incident.  Naturally, some are upset over the video.  Wendy Machin, President of the National Roads and Motorisists Association, said, “Teaching young kids burnouts is probably not the right road safety message to get across. A car is not a toy. It’s a big missile and if it’s used wrongly, it can be dangerous.”

The lesson: don’t upload videos of your children driving cars in an unsafe matter if one of your primary political goals is to have a national conversation about unsafe driving.

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