Biden Time: The VP makes an entrance on instagram, via a selfie with the Commander and Chief

Too funny not to write about: on Wednesday, Vice President Biden began to post pictures to an Instagram account.  One of the first pictures: What else?  A selfie with the President:

VP Biden selfie on instagram

There has been no shortage of critical comments aimed at the President and Vice President about how their pop culture references and meme-ification of the President’s goes beneath the dignity of the office.  I disagree.  The Executive Branch needs to be able to relate to the people it represents, and I have a very difficult time reconciling the idea that a selfie is somehow beneath the President & VP anymore than the idea that a President appearing in jeans is somehow wrong.

Does this mean that elected officials should be taking selfies?  Yes, absolutely.  Personally, in some circumstances, I prefer taking a selfie to a regular old picture.  It looks more unique and personable.  Again, a big point of the reason an elected should use social media is because it helps us break the mold. People are very, very tired of the plastic politician.  I am convinced that the regular public wants to see us as we are – real people, with families and flaws.  Selfies help with that – they are closer (and make us look more human), plus they look more spontaneous – even though they may not be.  I have no illusions, for example, that the photo above was a “spur of the moment” sort of picture.

So, for electeds: go with the selfie.  Make it look real.

What do you think?  Are selfies a good idea for elected officials?  Let me know in the comments!

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