Senator Ted Cruz runs Facebook poll, gets trolled

As you may have read, America recently celebrated (or condemned, depending on your perspective) the 4th year anniversary of Obamacare.  This event naturally triggered all sorts of media events and statements on every imaginable channel.  One such example was from Senator Ted Cruz, who made this post on Facebook:

Cruz Obamacare

The responses, however, were not was Cruz was hoping for, as many pro-Obamacare individuals discussed the positive impact that the program has had on their life:

They said things like: “Not only am I better off, but I have friends that are better off.”

Or, “Yes I have MS and I lost my job I wouldn’t be able to get any other insurance because of my pre existing condition thank you President Obama.”

And, “This nation is better off for helping folks avoid the devastation that poor health can bring. Thank you, ACA!”

In the most recent 100 comments, just two appeared more negative than positive. And many bash Cruz for his role in shutting down the government over Obamacare.

The post is still visible (to Cruz’s credit) and has over 57,000 comments.

One really important take-away from this experience: don’t ask a question unless you want to hear real answers, because that is what you are going to get.  The social media manager for Senator Cruz’s account should have known that the post would get attacked and become a rallying point for those who are supportive of the President and Obamacare.  Making a post like this is like standing in the middle of a flat field, holding a lightning rod, during a summer storm.  You are going to get shocked and burned, and it was a foolish idea.

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