Two follow ups: Councilman Henry Davis Jr. & N.H. Representative Mark Tasker

Two follow ups for you on two of the most read stories I’ve ever posted.

The first is on Councilman Henry Davis Jr. of South Bend, Indiana.  You may remember Councilman Davis as having attempted to make an anti-gay statement by posting a picture of a man and a dog having sex to his Facebook page.  Charming.  Anyway, Councilman Davis had formal ethics complaints filed against him by citizens of South Bend.  The Council committee in charge of investigating such complaints turned the investigation over to an attorney.  That attorney has filed a 128 page report.  The findings: Davis likely did not violate his oath of office, but he did violate Council decorum.  It is then up to Council to determine if the violations were one of statute or code, and make a determination from there.  The issue is also still being investigated by Indiana State Police, so this one is still far from over.

Second is New Hampshire State Representative Mark Tasker (R), who recently got into hot water for posting this picture to a Facebook discussion on domestic violence:

Kyle Tasker Battered Women Joke

The only reasonable course of action here would be for Tasker to attempt to apologize and move on.  He chose to double down:

Tasker said his intent with the post was to show that Warden’s comments should not have offended people, because other people spread far more offensive ideas and comments, such as the one in the graphic.

“The idea was to show something pretty outrageous to put (Rep. Mark Warden’s) comments in perspective,” Tasker said yesterday about his post, which included his own comment of, “This one’s for you Mark Warden.”

Tasker didn’t say he was sorry for posting it.

Meanwhile, the head of the New Hampshire Republican Party, Jennifer Horn, said in a statement that, “Representative Tasker’s post was grossly offensive and has no place in public discourse. He should apologize immediately.”  When your own party calls on you to apologize, it’s never a good thing.

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