Toronto Mayor Rob Ford uses Twitter to destroy your sense of time

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is, of course, no stranger to controversy: he’s admitted to smoking crack, been seen numerous times drunk in public and once barreled over a Toronto City Councilwoman during a heated meeting.  His most recent gaffe came on Twitter, when he confused Daylight Savings Time last week:


Mayor Ford got it reversed – clocks were supposed to go forward an hour, not backwards, and anyone who followed this advice got a nasty surprise that morning.

The tweet was deleted and a corrected tweet sent out.  Ford’s Chief of Staff, Dan Jacobs, told media outlets that he was responsible for the error.

Of course, as a CBC story notes, the responses to the tweet were hilarious.

The lesson: double check the facts in your tweet.  It is amazing how much you can get wrong in a mere 140 characters.  A secondary point: I’d bet good money that if this happened to another high profile Mayor of a major city, it wouldn’t be nearly as big of a story.  Its only so big because it’s Mayor Ford, who has had so many previous run ins with the media for various episodes.  It just goes to show that when it comes to social media gaffes, credibility matters.  The problems you have had previously will determine the type and tenor of the coverage you get for future social media problems.

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