New Hampshire State Representative makes disgusting battered women joke

First, the background.  Last year, at a hearing on a bill related to domestic violence, New Hampshire State Representative Mark Warden made this comment: “Some people could make the argument that a lot of people like being in abusive relationships.  It’s a love-hate relationship.”

Naturally, a controversy ensued, and Warden was forced to clarity his ridiculous comments.  On his Facebook page, Warden wrote, “It was never my intention to minimize the trauma of domestic abuse or in any way demean the victims.  I find violence abhorrent. How the state gets involved in people’s personal lives is a topic that requires thoughtful debate and should not be reduced to sound bites. To those whom may have been offended, I offer my sincere apology.”

This happened in February 2013, more than a year ago, and should have faded away.  However, thanks to another State Representative, it’s being given new life.

The story had been rehashed on the Greater Nashua Tea Party page, and State Representative Kyle Tasker (R) was defending Warden, saying things like, “Warden is so principled it offends people.” Then, as captured by the blog Miscellany Blue, Representative Tasker made this insane post:

Kyle Tasker Battered Women JokeAll I could think when seeing this post was this:


Tasker has yet to comment on the story, and his personal Facebook page isn’t publicly accessible, so there’s nothing there to see unless you are friends with him.  The story, of course, has gone national, and is available on the Huffington Post and Raw Story, among other outlets.

As noted by Raw Story, Tasker loves the controversy:

In addition to his controversial social media posts, which include suggestions that he must drink alcohol before meeting with Democrats and viral videos that imply black women are unfit mothers, Tasker is probably best known fordropping a handgun during a public safety panel hearing.

I am sure we’ll be hearing more about this soon.


  1. The Tea party need to background check people they support..This jackass is a good example of how the Repub party loses elections…He needs to resign and/or be thrown out by recall or however possible


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