Not one, but two ridiculously racist Emails found from Governor Walker’s staff

First, some background: Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) has a problem with racist staffers.  First, during his campaign, two staffers sent out a racially tinged tweet in response to their opponent and President Obama’s support for a high-speed rail line in Wisconsin.  Then, an employee of Walker’s in the Department of Transportation was fired after comparing illegal immigrants to Satan in a Facebook comment.  Most recently, a Walker campaign staffer was fired after old tweets revealed that she would “choke that illegal Mex.”

Walker’s racist staffer problem just got a whole lot worse.  As part of an investigation into one of Walker’s former aides, Kelly Rindfleisch, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals unsealed 25,000 Emails.  Among other things found in the Emails: not one, but two racist Emails sent via government accounts to Walker’s inner circle.

The first came from Walker’s former Chief of Staff, Thomas Nardelli, who was with Walker during his time as Milwaukee County Executive.  The Email was entitled “The Nightmare” and about a man who woke up “black, Jewish, disabled, a fairy with a Mexican boyfriend, a drug addict, HIV positive, bald, orphaned, unemployed, an invalid with one hand, and having a bad heart, I live in a crappy neighborhood.”  Full text available here.

The second racist Email came from Kelly Rindfleisch, who is the target of the investigation that caused all of the Emails to be unsealed in the first place.  In the Email, which Rindfleisch called “hilarious” and “so true,” people on welfare are compared to dogs because both are “mixed color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who the r Daddys are.  They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care, and feel guilty because they are dogs.”

Walker Racist Email

Two lessons here, on top of the obvious one: don’t be a terrible racist.  First, why on earth are you sending out racist Emails via a government Email system…in fact, why on earth are you sending on racist Emails at all?  A general rule of thumb when it comes to the internet: never type up and send anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable seeing on the front page of the New York Times.  Anything sent digitially can go public, regardless of who you send it to.  Walker’s staff has failed this lesson time and time again.

Second, and this one is for Governor Walker: do you even check your staff?  Do you have any sort of policies at all that would prevent such racist people from being on your staff?  Or from using government resources to spread the “funny” version of their hate?  Governor Walker truly has a massive HR problem and is incapable of solving it…or, what is more likely, he doesn’t want to.

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