Social Media and a campaign announcement

Monday was my campaign announcement, and seeing how I’m obsessed with Social Media, we tried something that I hadn’t used before: a hashtag for the event:

Twitter Campaign KickoffDid it work?  Yes and no.  On one hand, the #Schloss132 hashtag wasn’t really used too much, and that’s too bad.  On the other hand, there was a ton of Facebook & Twitter activity – my timeline is replete with both – and I like to think that the reminders encouraged people to use Social Media to discuss the event.  As I type this, my “thank you” message on Facebook has over 100 likes – a pretty high number for me.

Naturally, this got me thinking – how can Social Media best be leveraged for a campaign announcement?  Here are some thoughts:

1.  Use Social Media from the start: My biggest mistake was that I didn’t integrate Social Media into my announcement from the start.  I should have used the #Schloss132 hashtag on every piece of campaign literature, every Email and every Social Media blast I sent out.

2.  Pics…lots of pics:  Take as many pictures as you can and upload them to Twitter and Facebook repeatedly.  As the candidate, you will be too busy at your own announcement to do this, so have a staffer or volunteer manage your campaign page and upload pics throughout the event.  Again, I messed up here – I didn’t think to do this and lost access to my own followers during the event.

3.  Put up fliers:  The fliers above were helpful and were responsible for some Social Media use.  And, they just look cool.  Much thanks to my team for putting that together for me!

4.  Do something charitable during the event:  This has absolutely nothing to do with Social Media but is a nice touch and a valuable one: do something charitable that has nothing to do with your announcement or Social Media.  For me, that meant collecting canned food for Second Harvest of the Lehigh Valley.  This is just a nice thing to do.

Anything to add?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for participating in the discussion!

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