South Bend, IN Councilman posts “explicit picture” of man and dog to Facebook

Henry DavisCan’t say I ever thought I’d write that headline.

Henry Davis, Jr., is a Democratic Councilman in South Bend, Indiana.  He represents the city’s 2nd Council District and is no stranger to controversy, having previously been arrested by police after a traffic stop.  He’s in hot water again, though this time the case is bizarre enough to make national news.

Most elected officials use their Facebook posts to advocate for important issues and draw attention to things they care about.  Mr. Davis decided to use Facebook to post about…bestiality.  In a Facebook post, Mr. Davis uploaded a picture of “explicit photograph of a man and a dog Sunday night, along with a link to the blog post criticizing the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  No, I cannot find a screenshot of the post.  No, I am not looking to hard, because I want to sleep at night.

Of course, a further examination of the blog that Davis linked to only made matters worse:

The blog Davis linked to,, says its mission is to unite black families around the world.

Other recent posts on the site include “Whites used black babies as alligator bait” and “White NYPD cops rejoice after beating up black teens after botched stop and frisk.”

In a statement after the post, Davis said, “”I regret that an article posted to my Facebook page was mistakenly taken as an expression of my personal or political views.” I’m not quite sure how he thought a post of that nature would be taken, but hey, whatever works.

The post, naturally, did not cover over well with the residents of South Bend.  In accordance with City rules, it is possible for Davis to be removed from office for misconduct.  To do so, city residents have to first file a complaint, which can then be examined by the city’s Rules Committee.  The Rules Committee can then recommend a range of penalties, including removal from office.  That process started two days ago, when city residents filed a complaint against Davis, saying that “The posting on Facebook is obscene, against public decency and shows a total lack of professionalism.”  City Council’s rules committee will examine the complaints and go forward from there.

Yes, I will be watching this to see if Davis is ultimately removed from office.  This one is mind boggling.


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