Iowa GOP posts “Is someone a racist?” flowchart to Facebook

In an attempt to make fun of those who are too sensitive to political correctness, the Iowa GOP was forced into an apology over a Facebook post that seemed to trivialize racism.

On Friday night, this brilliant “Is someone a racist?” post appeared on the Iowa GOP’s Facebook page:

Iowa GOP FlowchartThe post appears to take a shot at those who accuse others of racism.  Of course, it makes no distinction between those who actually make claims of racism for their own advantage and those who make claims of racism because someone is actually being racist.  Given that the Republican party is in the middle of a rebranding effort and that it continues to struggle with its outreach to minorities and women, the timing of this post was pretty poor.  Really, the comment above by Alex Patch pretty much says it all – how on earth was a post like the above helpful in pushing the overall Republican message?

Clearly, someone at the Iowa GOP agreed, and the post was removed and replaced by this apology:

Iowa GOP Apology

About that apology: Chairman Spiker (by the way, great name) accurately described the posts as being in bad taste and inappropriate.  But then he apologized “to those whom were offended.”  This is a pet peeve of mine.  Don’t just apologize to those who were offended.  That’s a ridiculous qualifier designed to try to say “we’re really sorry, but to those of you who thought it was funny, well, we’re not REALLY sorry.”  When you screw up, be classy and apologize to everyone.

You’ll also note that Spiker makes a reference to the GOP having a contractor – in other words, a third party service that is running their Facebook page.  That’s not uncommon and perfectly reasonable.  However, it teaches a great point about what to do when a third party person is operating your Social Media.  Make sure that they have clear guidelines about content NOT to post.

Any thoughts to add?  Let us know in the comments!

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