Florida State House candidate calls for President Obama to be hung

Well, this can’t end well.

Florida’s 68th State House District is currently occupied by Dwight Dudley (D), who won election in 2012.  Dudley and the rest of the Florida House are gearing up for reelection in 2014.  One of Dudley’s would be Republican opponents is Joshua Black.  And that’s where this story takes a ridiculous turn.

Black, like many on the right, is calling for the impeachment and removal of President Obama.  Not a widely held view, but fine.  Two days ago, Black decided to use Facebook and Twitter to tell the world that he believed that we were “past impeachment” and that it was time to hang the President:

Joshua Black Facebook Joshua Black Twitter

To no one’s surprise, Black’s comments have been roundly condemned by everyone, including multiple members of his own party.  The Chair of the Republican Party in Pinellas County called the remarks “impossible to accept,” noting that they were “wholly unacceptable and unduly pejorative.”  Another Republican running in the nearby 67th District, Chris Latvala, responded on Twitter, and it was hilarious:

Republican Governor Rick Scott also attacked Black for the remarks:

To no one’s surprise, Black refused to apologize.

Did the death threat earn Black a visit from the Secret Service?  You bet it did.

In all fairness, Black is not a candidate that has a history of working with his local party, and his statements should reflect on the Florida GOP, who has roundly condemned his remarks.  Prior to running or this office, Black ran for President in 2012.

Normally, this is where I discuss “the lesson” of an errand tweet.  Do I really need to say anything else here?

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