Social Media content for seniors: you must not ignore this group!

I think that one of the more common misconceptions about Social Media is that it is only for a younger generation.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Since 2009, Social Media use by those 50+ has more than tripled, growing faster than any other age demographic.

Thus, as an elected official that uses Social Media, you have to steer content towards older Americans.  A one size fits all approach never works for Social Media. Here are some ideas:

  • Government programs designed for seniors:  This is the most obvious content and the most useful.  In Pennsylvania (and all other states I am sure), we have no shortage of programs geared towards assisting our senior population.  YES, those seniors use Social Media.  As such, post information about programs that are helpful to them.  In Pennsylvania, this includes things like our Property Tax/Rent Rebate program (which is geared towards seniors), PACE/PACENET and a reduced rate for vehicle registration.  There are absolutely other types of programs in other states, and you’d be foolish to not post about them under the false assumption that seniors don’t use Social Media.
  • Legislation:  Make sure that you give a specific focus to how you voted on issues that are important towards older Americans.  There is, without fail, a variety of legislation geared towards this important segment of the population.  How did you vote?  Let your Social Media following know by specifically highlighting these types of issues, and make sure to explicitly point out when an issue will affect an older American.
  • Grandparents rights:  If you come from a district like mine, in which non-traditional families are highly prevalent, this can be a particularly important issue.  As such, posting information about Grandparents rights can be helpful and relevant.
  • Medicare/Medicaid:  I work for a State, not the federal government, but my office still gets lots of questions about Medicare and Medicaid benefits and registration.  As such, posting information about program eligibility, and where questions can be asked, is highly useful information.

Any other issues you want to let us know about?  Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for participating in the discussion!

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