2014 in Social Media for politicians

No blog on Social Media would be complete this time of year without looking forward to next year. Indeed, there is no shortage of predictions on what Social Media 2014 will bring. Accordingly, here’s a glance at what politicians should pay attention to when it comes to Social Media in the new year.

1) Google+ will finally be a thing.  Google+ is the second highest most used Social Network, with over 540 million active monthly users.  This equates to over 5% of the world’s population.  In other words, Google+ is no longer for early adapters – it’s now hit the mainstream, and attention must be paid.  Do you have any sort of presence on Google+?  You probably should, soon.  What’s nice about Google+, at least from an elected officials perspective, is that it’s Circles  feature allows you to customize your content.  You can put your friends into different Circles based on their specific interests.  This way, you can customize posts to people based on what content they like.  It’s a neat feature and can help make your posts more relevant to your users.

2) Pictures and video will tell the story.  Somehow, the average Social Media’s attention span continues to shrink…people are reading less and using picture and video services more.  Instagram and Vine have seen tremendous growth this year, shifting attention to more services like these.  If you need ideas, here are some thoughts on how politicians can use Instagram, and we’ll have more on Vine later.

3) 55+ boom.  If you think Social Media is only for young people, you are insane.  Since 2012, the 55+ demographic has seen a growth rate of 79%+ on Twitter, 46% on Facebook and 54% on Google+.  Those numbers are incredible and attention must be paid.  So, from a governing and political perspective, ask yourself this: how are you appealing to this demographic?  Is your content geared appropriately in terms of issues you are discussing?  When advertising your constituent services, are you making sure that you discuss issues that are important to this older demographic?

Any thoughts to add?  Let us know in the comments…and have a VERY happy New Year!

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