British Politician uses racial slur and may face police investigation

By way of background: the term “pikey” is a racial slur, used in Britain, to describe people of lower socio-economic classes who travel, in no small part due to employment issues.  Also related to this story is the TV show “Dad’s Army,” which aired in Britain from 1968-1977.  The show featured a character named Colonial Pike.

And you can probably see where this is going.

Jack Dromey is a British shadow cabinet minister and member of the Labour party.  While on a visit to a Royal Mail constituency, Dromey sent out the following tweet:

Uh-oh.  Dromey’s response:

This might be the real explanation (indeed, the person pictured with Dromey says that Dromey is a “top bloke” and meant absolutely nothing racist), but that’s not the point: on Twitter, you never, ever say anything that can be interpreted as racist.  It’s just bad form and dumb, no matter what your intentions are.  In fact, in Britain, using the word Pikey is illegal and members of the opposing Tory party have requested a police investigation against Dromey!

Incidentially, this isn’t Dromey’s first run in with a Twitter gaffe; not even a month ago, Dromey accidentally favorited a tweet that contained gay porn, something he had also done in September.  Who the heck is this guy following anyway??

Maybe Dromey should just go away from Twitter.

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