State Senator Robert Rucho (R-NC) compares Obamacare to Nazis

Obamacare’s troubled rollout has certainly given the President and fellow Democrats its share of grief, with polls numbers showing that a majority disapprove of Obama’s performance as President.  However, polls still show that the public is optimistic that the law can be fixed.

It makes sense, then, to think that the law is more popular than Nazism.

Tell that to North Carolina Senator Robert Rucho, who tweeted:

Rucho’s initial defense:

So, will Rucho apologize?  He says no:

I believe without any reservation that it’s true. I’m not going to back away from it, because I got every right to say what I want to say too. If people took it out of context and wrong, nothing I can do about that.

This defiance comes in the face of calls for his resignation from the North Carolina Democratic Party.  The calls were echoed by a Holocaust survivor…and if you have a Holocaust survivor calling for your resignation…well, that’s just never good. Senator Rucho couldn’t even find support from his own party, who said that Rucho should apologize.

Naturally, Rucho isn’t the first person to make an outrageous comparison regarding Obamacare.  Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) compared it to the apartheid, Dr. Ben Carson compared it to slavery and former Congressman Allen West (R-FL) compared it to a World War II battle.

In all fairness, some of the crazier members of the political left are guilty of inappropriately using Nazi comparisons as well; for a depressing look at the truth behind that statement, just visit Google Images and search for “Bush Nazi.” 

Just a crazy thought…maybe we can skip calling things Nazis, unless we are referring to, you know, actual Nazis?


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