The White House wants you to give your Mom piece of mind

In an effort to promote ObamaCare, the White House took to Twitter and showed President Obama with a picture of a sign that read, “Nobody should go broke just because they get sick!”


This, naturally, started a meme of people photoshopping their own words into the sign.  Fair enough; President Obama and his team have expertly used the internet, and particularly memes, to push their message.  Unfortunately for the White House, things went sour when they tried to encourage people to get covered for the sake of their mothers:


Opps.  Wrong piece.  They meannt peace.

Sometimes, it’s appropriate for a tweet to be deleted, provided there is an acknowledgement of “yes, we know we messed up, and that’s why we deleted the tweet.”  In the White House’s case, they left this tweet up (it’s viewable here), and I’m inclined to agree with that strategy; deleting the tweet would have made it look like they were hiding it.

This is another example of why tweets always need to be double checked – and when they come from the White House, preferably by another set of eyes.  This story earned the White House a round of bad press, including from the Huffington Post and National Review.  Naturally, it’s not the first time politicians have been nailed for not double checking things, even in the White House.  Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer once tried to tweet the word “bigger,” with horrible results:


Understandable how this could be made – the “b” and “n” are next to each other on the keyboard, but WOW.  Amazing how much inadvertent offensiveness you can cram into one tweet.  Pfeiffer did apologize.

It just goes to show: double check your tweets.

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