Lovely racist post featuring Michelle Obama

In a fanastically racist post, the Winona County (Minnesota) Republican Party shared this Facebook post:


As this story notes, the Winona County party has decided to take their political views to whole new levels of controversy, with posts saying that gun control leads to genocide and comparing Nazism to liberalism.

Oh dear.

Not surprisingly, the Minnesota Democratic Party blasted the Winona GOP in a statement:

“Once again actions speak louder than words. While the Republican Party says it is welcoming to communities of color, a local unit, the Winona County Republicans, posted a racist and revolting image on its Facebook page. This comes only weeks after the Chisago County Republicans posted an offensive image on its Facebook page.

“The Winona County post shows First Lady Michelle Obama smiling broadly through a grill of gold teeth and President Barack Obama with no teeth at all. I am outraged by this stereotype of African Americans.

“As executive director of the Minnesota DFL, I challenge the Republican Party leadership to stop the ignorance and hatred and call on their members to treat not only our President and his family, but all people of color with the respect they deserve.”

The Chisago Facebook post referenced here was one a pro-choice/pro-marriage equality argument to slavery:


At least the Chisago Party deleted the post and apologized:


No such apology, yet, from Winona, though the post was deleted.

This is normally when I talk about the “lesson,” so here’s the lesson: don’t put stupid racist things on Facebook.  Easy!




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