Around 3pm, went a little loony: goes nuts goes nuts

As you can see from the headlines WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (STUFF YO appears below WEEE). Personally, I’m excited about the Zombie show. Oh, and some of the headlines weren’t so normal either:


Even for Fox, this stuff is pretty bad. They addressed the problem on Twitter around 3:20:

The site was restored shortly afterwards. According to a statement from Jeff Misenti, Chief Digital Officer at Foxnews:

“During routine website maintenance, a home page prototype was accidentally moved to the actual site. As with any mistake in testing, engineers noticed the error and quickly brought the site back to its normal function.”

As funny as this is, I sincerely hope that Misenti’s version of events is correct and that’s all this is; hacking of media websites can be truly dangerous. In April 2013, the Associated Press was hacked and tweeted out that two explosions at the White House had injured President Obama. The stock markets proceeded to lose $135 billion in two minutes, though they quickly recovered when it became apparent that the tweet was a fraud.

There is actually a lesson in here. Let’s take Misenti’s version of events at his word and a prototype was accidentally uploaded to the main site. If that’s true, Foxnews is guilty of one thing: being too “playful” with their website. Sure, the the template was never supposed to go live, but as the history of the Internet and politicians/news organizations has demonstrated, mistakes happen…all the time. “Playful” material like this should never have been created.

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